When to Mow Freshly Planted Turf

A lawnmower ready to go on some fresh grass. Does your Sydney lawn look this good?

When you’ve just planted a new lawn, the excitement of seeing the lush green turf covering your yard is unparalleled. But one question that often pops up is, “How long should I wait before mowing my new turf?” Let’s delve into this topic and provide some guidance.

The Waiting Period

The general rule of thumb is to wait until your grass reaches a height of roughly 7cm before you mow it for the first time. This typically takes 2-4 weeks after plantation, but can vary depending on the season, type of grass and soil condition. Particularly, warmer months may see the grass maturing closer to two weeks than four.

Why Wait?

The reason for this waiting period is to allow the grass to establish some strong roots. Mowing too soon can stress the grass and amage these delicate new roots. The grass blades produce energy via photosynthesis, which then gets supplied to said roots in order for them to grow. So, cutting the grass too early effectively cuts of its food supply.

Signs Your Turf is Ready

While the 7cm rule is a good guideline, it’s also important to look for signs that your turf has properly taken root. Find an out of the way section and give it a little tug test. If it rips up quite easily then it’s not ready yet. If it stays in place and feels firm, that’s a good sign that the roots have established themselves and you can start mowing it.

Mowing Tips

When you do start mowing, remember to only remove about a third of the grass blade at a time. Cutting too much at once can stress the grass. Also, make sure your mower blades are sharp, dull blades can tear the grass, leading to a ragged and unhealthy looking lawn.

Avoid cutting the lawn while it is wet, also, though this is good advice in general!

While you’re thinking about it, though a starter fertilizer can be good for a new lawn, avoid the ‘weed and feed’ types for a while, at least until after the first mow and when you’re sure the lawn has taken to the ground properly.


Patience is key when it comes to mowing your freshly planted turf. Waiting until your grass is ready will ensure that your lawn stays healthy and beautiful for years to come!

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Remember, every lawn is unique so these guidelines might need to be adjusted depending on your own specific circumstances. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!