Dealing With Army Grubs

An adorable armyworm. Unlike this one, the real thing is quite destructive.
The Fall Armyworm, or army grub, is a nasty pest at the best of times but this season is seeing more of them than ever, especially in the Sydney and Western Suburbs. Here we will be outlining what you need to look for, what you can do to prevent an infestation and what to do if you do have these foul critters in your lovely lawn.

What to Look For

  • An increase in birds foraging in the grass. Magpies and mynas in particular love them so if you catch sight of a fair few having a lovely feast, that might be a sign that you need to investigate further.
  • Brown patches – seeing spots where the leaf has been eaten away can be a tell of a grub infestation.
  • If you want to test the lawn yourself, make up a jug of warm soap water and pour it on a patch of the lawn you think might have the grubs – they should come crawling to the surface.

    What to Do About Them

    An insecticide treatment is the best way to clear out an armyworm infestation once confirmed.
    We suggest Indigo Rumbler which is active immediately after application. If you have any pets however, it is suggested to use Acelpryn, which takes a night to become active once applied. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions.
    Following that, general lawn care should be resumed, in particular making sure to clear out any thatching, using a good wetting agent and fertilizer. You can find these products on our online store.

    How to Prevent Them

    Unfortunately, sometimes there is only so much you can do to prevent these critters, especially in wetter, darker times when they love to come out and feast. However, these tips should give you the best fighting chance.

    • Good, healthy lawn care. Make sure to keep the height of the grass down as the grubs want the long leaves most of all. Regular fertilization and watering also help, as well as reducing thatching.
    • Picking a resistant turf. Bermuda, couch and Zoysia type grasses are known to be resistant to armyworms. One of these may be the perfect choice if you need to replace your lawn after a rough infestation also.
    • Keeping an eye on things. Vigilance is key! Use the steps outlined above to spot them early, even asking your neighbours if they have sighted any might just be the key you need to prevent your lovely lawn from being destroyed.

    As always you can contact us for advice or quotes and pick up the supplies you need from our online store. We’re here to get you the best lawn you can have in Sydney and the Hawkesbury.