Tahoma 31® is the result of purposeful breeding, arising from a genetic fusion between the Himalayan Green Couch and the South African Couch grass varieties. It emerged as the exceptional choice after meticulous selection from a vast array of trial plants, designed to transcend conventional limits and deliver characteristics rarely found in a single grass species. This grass was meticulously crafted to thrive in the harsh cold winters of northern regions in the United States, endure droughts, and achieve peak performance when maintained at a shorter length.

Extensive trials conducted over several years have conclusively demonstrated that Tahoma 31® lives up to its intended purpose. It boasts unparalleled drought resilience, shade tolerance, and wear resistance, surpassing or rivaling other Bermuda and Couch grasses available in the market. Additionally, it exhibits remarkable attributes such as early spring greenup, freeze resistance, adaptability to various climates, and resilience to saline conditions. Remarkably, Tahoma 31® also presents an aesthetically pleasing and robust surface that is gentle underfoot while exhibiting enhanced resistance to diseases and insect infestations.

Its exceptional ability to rapidly recover from divots and wear makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic sports turf, golf courses, and residential lawns alike. Tahoma 31® has already gained widespread acclaim, with several stadiums worldwide adopting it as their preferred grass variety.

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