(Zoysia macrantha)

Nara™ Native Turf provides a beautiful fine textured lawn. It is Australia’s first and only native turf. This means is well adapted and quite drought resistant. This grass type will create a space of grass that is fit to play croquet on. Nara™ Native Turf can provide the best-looking lawn on the street. It is also good at outcompeting weeds.

Nara™ Native Turf is a grass type that will create a magnificent lawn you can be proud of. You will feel like your lawn is a still green pool. It has a fine texture to the leaf that is soft to the touch. This means it is lovely to lie on. It has a great colour that is maintained even throughout winter months. It is also good out competing weeds.

Nara™ Native Turf is also very salt tolerant. This means it is good for use in coastal areas. It is moderately shade tolerant and is hard wearing. Nara™ Native also requires less mowing and less watering than other turf types. It is native to Australia so will provide a lovely lawn for your property.

Shade Tolerance


Drought Tolerance

Wear Tolerance

Benefits of Nara Native Zoysia

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